Grazing & Agricultural Leasing

This program and its related activities serve the state trust beneficiaries, as well as grazing and agricultural lessees, mineral exploration and production companies, state and federal agencies, recreational users, the general public and residents of Wyoming. Wyoming statutes and the rules and regulations of the Board outline a process for lease renewal, assignments, subleasing to a third party, and constructing improvements associated with the ranching operation. The rules and regulations also allow the grazing lessee to negotiate a surface impact payment with a third party requiring entry. With the exception of lease renewals and inspections, economic, market and environmental conditions are a driving force in the volume of applications received. For example, during drought conditions, the number of subleases applied for and approved drop due to the unavailability of grass. Another example of this is in the area of surface impact payments which has increased due to the production and marketability of coal bed methane gas and other sub-surface exploration. Although economic, market and environmental conditions are concerns when renewing grazing leases, they are not a factor in the volume of leases renewed each year. The State Grazing and Agricultural Lease allows lessees to construct lease-related improvements on state land, subject to Board approval.