An assignment is the process of transferring ownership of a grazing or special use lease, or simply adding or changing a name on a lease. Any grazing or special use lease assigned without the approval of the Board or Director, is subject to cancellation. The fee for filing any type of an assignment is $40.00 per assignment per lease. Assignments of state leases are authorized under Chapter 4- Grazing and Agricultural Leasing and Chapter 5 - Special Use Leasing of the Board of Land Commissioners Rules and Regulations.

Most assignments can be accomplished by filing an assignment form which is provided by the Office. The assignment form must contain original signatures and should be submitted to the Office, together with the $40.00 assignment fee and copy of warranty deed or purchase agreement, if applicable. (If you are printing the assignment form from the website, it must be on 8½ x 14 Legal Size Paper.This is an interactive form and can be completed prior to printing.)

There are situations when an assignment form will not suffice. For example, the lease is held by an individual and the individual dies, this would require a legal document in order to transfer the lease to the individual's heirs. In these situations you should contact Stephanie Hardee at 307-777-6358 in the Trust Land Management Division for the documentation required to transfer the lease.

Notice of Security Interest is filed when a lender takes the State Lease as additional security for a loan they have on the lessee's deeded property. When there is a Notice of Security Interest filed on a State Lease the lease is not assigned to a new party without consent of the lender. The lender is also notified if the rental is not paid on or before the due date. Should a lender release the state lease, they must advise this Office.

The Notice of Security Interest form can be used to file or release a security interest in a State Lease. (If you are printing the Security Interest form from the website, it must be on 8½ x 11 Paper. This is an interactive form and can be completed prior to printing.)