A sublease of state land is any type of contract or agreement entered into by the State's lessee which allows a third party to use the state lands either for pasturing of livestock or growing crops. Any grazing or agricultural lease is subject to cancellation if the lessee subleases the premises without approval. In no event shall the premises be subleased unless one-half of any excess rental is paid to the State. Subleasing is authorized under Chapter 4's Grazing and Agricultural Leasing of the Board of Land Commissioners Rules and Regulations.

When requesting permission to sublease state land, the lessee must complete the Request for Approval of Sublease Form or the Request for Approval of Crop Share Agreement. Both forms must be completed, signed by both parties, and returned to the Office of State Lands and Investments together with a copy of the lease agreement, if a written agreement was entered into. There is no filing fee for a sublease agreement. (If you are printing the Request for Approval of Sublease form from the website, it must be on 8½ x 14 Legal Size Paper. The Request for Approval of Crop Share Agreement form is on 8½ x 11 Paper. These are interactive forms and can be completed prior to printing.)

If you have any questions about completing either form, please contact Sherri Martinez at 307-777-6638.