Land Transactions

Land sales, acquisitions and exchanges are authorized under Chapter 26 - Land Acquisition and Disposal of the Board of Land Commissioners Rules and Regulations.

The Wyoming Constitution and the Wyoming Statutes contemplate that in the exercise of its fiduciary duties to the trust land beneficiaries, the Board of Land Commissioners (Board) will from time to time dispose of, acquire, and exchange land.  See Wyo. Const. art. 18, §§ 1-4; Wyo. Stat. §§ 36-1-110-111, and 36-9-101. The Board’s properly promulgated rules, which have the force and effect of law, further provide that any person may identify a parcel of land for acquisition as well as parcels of state land for disposal.  Board of Land Commissioners’ Rules, ch. 26, §§ 3(a); 4(a).  The rules additionally specify how each proposal for acquisition, disposal, or exchange will be processed for the Board’s consideration. Rules, ch. 26.  The rules provide that each proposal will be reviewed by the Director and if the Director determines that a parcel may be suitable for acquisition or disposal, the Director will present the proposal to the Board for further consideration.  The procedure for land transactions provided in the rules includes a public portion wherein the Office on behalf of the Board prepares a detailed analysis and collects public comments on the transaction.  After the public process is complete, the rules contemplate that the Board will make a final decision regarding whether to ultimately complete the proposed land transaction.

If you have any questions about land acquisitions, sales, or exchanges involving state land, please contact us at 307-777-6630.