New Surface & Subsurface Plat Book Searches

OSLI's surface and subsurface plat book searches have moved! They can now be accessed via the Land & Lease Map Viewer Beta. An explanation of the new searches can be found below.

The old searches have been deprecated. Please update any bookmarks to the searches you may have.

Using the Plat Book Searches Tool

  1. Open the Land & Lease Map Viewer Beta and agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox and clicking OK.

  2. Click on the Plat Book Searches button on the toolbar to open the search window.

  3. Click to select a search to perform.

  4. Type the search criteria in the search boxes and press enter or click on Apply.

Search Criteria Format:

Sections: 1-36

Townships: 12.0 North -58.0 North (6th Principal Meridian)

1.0-9.0 North or South (Wind River Meridian)

Ranges: 60.0 West - 121.0 West (6th Principal Meridian)

1.0-6.0 East or West (Wind River Meridian)

*If no results are displayed when searching by section township and range, the land may have been resurveyed. Try searching again and leaving the section box blank.

  1. Search results will display in the window. Scroll down as necessary to view all search results.

Action Field Key:

E = Expired

T = Terminated

R = Relinquished

C = Canceled

O = Operating

Results can be exported to a CSV file or can be viewed in the attribute table by choosing those options from the results menu.

  1. To perform a new search, click on the Search tab at the top of the window.

  2. To switch from one search to another, click the back arrow to return to the search selection screen.

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