Public Access Rules

The rules and regulations controlling public use of state lands are simple. First, the lands must be legally accessedAnyone crossing private land to reach state land must have the permission of the private landowner. The landowner is under no obligation to grant such permission. Second, off-road vehicle use, overnight camping, and open fires are prohibited on these state lands. All motorized vehicles must remain on established roads. New roads cannot be created, nor can established roads be extended by public users. Activities that would damage state lands, roads, improvements, or lessee property interests are also prohibited. Finally, cultivated croplands are not open to public use.  

Many of Wyoming’s state land parcels are intermingled with, surrounded by, or fenced in with private land and are indistinguishable from such private land. The responsibility of knowing whether you are on private or state land is YOURS. Adhere to the rules and exercise basic common sense, courtesy, and consideration for others, and you will do your part to help protect Wyoming’s state lands and keep them open for public hunting and fishing.

Hunting & Fishing

The Board of Land Commissioners extends to the public the privilege of hunting and fishing on legally accessible state lands, unless otherwise closed by direction of the Board, on its own motion or upon request of the surface lessee.  This privilege does not extend to lands classified and used as cultivated cropland.  This privilege is to fish in any streams, lakes or ponds and to hunt, pursue and kill game animals, game birds and migratory birds on said lands under applicable state and federal hunting and fishing laws and regulations.  This privilege shall only be allowed when it will not result in damage to the state land or the roads and improvements thereon.


Outfitting on state trust lands is allowed only under a valid temporary use permit.  Temporary use permits for outfitting/guiding activities may be issued on either an exclusive (to outfitters) or nonexclusive basis.  Exclusive permits shall be effective only on those state land parcels specified in the permit.  The Board shall not issue more than one exclusive permit for outfitting/guiding activities on the same parcel of state land.  Campsites for outfitting/guiding activities and improvements that are not removed at the end of each hunting season shall only be authorized under an exclusive permit.  Nonexclusive permits shall be effective on all state lands within a permittee’s hunt area authorizations except for those state lands incorporated in an exclusive outfitting/guiding permit area.  Nonexclusive permits shall authorize day uses only with no overnight camping permitted. With the exception of activities at Board approved campsites associated with exclusive outfitting/guiding permits, the provisions of the Chapter 13 rules and regulations prohibiting offroad vehicle use, open fires, overnight camping and hunting on cultivated cropland apply to all outfitters, guides, and clients while on state land.