Charter Schools

State Loan and Investment Board Charter School Policy and Procedures

Effective Date: July 13, 2022

  • Charter school applications will be received by the Department of Education (DOE) and reviewed for completeness, compliance with accreditation requirements and all other requirements.

  • DOE shall notify applicants within thirty (30) days of submission whether the application is complete or incomplete.

      • DOE Chapter 32 rules, Section 6(h) provides that if an application is incomplete, the applicant shall have fifteen (15) days from the date of notification to resubmit a completed application. If the resubmitted application is still incomplete, the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) may deny the application. DOE will notify SLIB if an application is incomplete.

  • For applications deemed complete, DOE shall submit a report to SLIB and provide a preliminary recommendation of each charter school application reviewed within thirty (30) days after the application is deemed complete by DOE.

  • All applications will be considered at a future SLIB meeting, and the Office of State Lands and Investments (OSLI) may convene a special SLIB meeting, if necessary.

      • All incomplete applications will be presented to SLIB with a non-favorable recommendation; therefore, no Interview or Public Hearing will be conducted.

      • For completed applications, SLIB will conduct both the required Interview and Public Hearing at the noticed SLIB meeting.

  • For each complete application, SLIB will conduct the Interview and Public Hearing consecutively. SLIB will conduct all Interviews and Public Hearings before final consideration of all completed applications.

      • Interview:

          • Applicant will provide a presentation to SLIB.

          • DOE will provide standard questions to be asked of all applicants by SLIB.

          • SLIB members may ask additional questions of the applicants.

      • Public Hearing Process:

          • Only oral comments will be heard by SLIB.

          • Comments will be limited to five (5) minutes, per speaker.

          • Each speaker may address SLIB once, per application.

          • Repetitive comments should be kept to a minimum.

          • SLIB may ask the applicant to respond to the public comments.

  • SLIB shall consider the application, interview and public hearing when making the final decision to approve or deny each application.

  • DOE will provide to OSLI the Charter Contract for each SLIB approved applications.

      • The Charter Contract will be signed by the Charter School, DOE, the OSLI Director, and the Chairman of SLIB.

  • After a charter school is authorized by SLIB, and has been in operation for one (1) year or has been renewed by SLIB, SLIB may delegate to the school district where the Charter School operates any of the functions of an authorizer provided:

      • The Charter School and the school district approve the delegation of functions, and

      • The Charter School shall retain the right to seek renewal of the charter from SLIB.

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