Temporary Use Permits

Temporary Use Permits (TUPs) are issued for activities of a temporary duration on state lands that are not more appropriately authorized under other leases. TUPs are authorized under Chapter 14 of the State Board of Land Commissioners’ Rules and Regulations.

Temporary Use Permits may be issued for:

    • Construction activities

    • Hot mix facilities

    • Organized recreation activities

    • Roadways

    • Sign boards

    • Stockpile sites

    • Water Wells

    • Disposal and/or Injection Wells

    • Outfitting/guiding activities

    • Non-commercial removal of decorative rock/stone

    • Other appropriate facilities and activities of temporary duration

Temporary Use Permit Contact

VACANT - Temporary Use Permits, CBM Reservoirs, Surveys - 307.777.7333 - email: @wyo.gov

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