Mineral Leasing

Both exclusive (commercial) and non-exclusive (scientific) fossil exploration permits are available on state lands.

Approximately ⅓ of state lands are leased for oil and gas. Oil and gas leases are found throughout the Powder River, Denver-Julesberg, and Green River Basins.

Most types of metallic or non-metallic solid mineral, as well as sand and gravel, is available for lease on state lands.

Mineral Leasing Contacts

Richard Shanor - Mineral Leasing Supervisor, Terminations, Bond Releases - 307.777.6635 - email: richard.shanor@wyo.gov

Dianna Wolvin - Oil and Gas, Bonding, Units, Auction - 307.777.6625 - email: dianna.wolvin@wyo.gov

Cathy Lujan - Suspensions, Extensions, Solid Minerals, Minimum Annual Royalty, Surrender and Relinquishments - 307.777.8510 - email: cathy.lujan@wyo.gov

Owen Brooks - Lease Assignments, Communitization Agreements, Advance Rentals - 307.777.6547 - email: owen.brooks@wyo.gov

Lynn Hudson - Public Area, Records Management - 307.777.6685 - email: lynn.hudson@wyo.gov

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