Auction Information

The Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments (OSLI) completed the last of the three oil and gas lease auctions scheduled for this year. The auction commenced on November 3, 2021 on behalf of the Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners – which is made up of the five statewide elected officials. OSLI offered 155 parcels of State Trust Land for lease covering 57,284.63 acres across 13 counties and attracted 26 registered bidders from 9 states. The auction resulted in 89 of the 155 parcels receiving successful bids to lease 34,244.00 acres.

The auction grossed $417,920.88 for the benefit of the State’s trust beneficiaries. Funds received from this auction are for the benefit of five State trust beneficiaries. The State’s common school (K-12) fund will receive approximately $406,261.80 of the total auction revenue.

Nominations for upcoming auctions can be submitted through our online Auction Nomination Form.

Oil and Gas Auction Contact

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