Surface Leasing

Powerlines, Transmission Lines, Pipelines, Roadways

Assignments, Improvements, Subleasing, Surface Impact Payments, Vacant Leases

Construction, operation, and maintenance rights on state trust land encompassed within a wind lease

Offset Wells, Water Wells, Substations, Data Centers, Energy Storage Facilities

Temporary Access Roads, Outfitting & Guiding Activities

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Surface Leasing Contacts

Cody Booth - Surface Leasing Supervisor, Special Use Leases - 307.777.6637 - email:

Kaitamaria Pounds - Billings, Rentals - 307.777.6633 - email:

Stefanie Coomes - Grazing & Agricultural Leasing, Subleases - 307.777.6358 - email:

Sherri Hall - Surface Impact Payments - 307.777.6638 - email:

Benjamin Peterson - Temporary Use Permits, CBM Reservoirs, Surveys - 307.777.7333 - email:

Mardy Rapp - Easements - 307.777.6521 - email:

Tyler Seno - Wind Energy Leases - 307.777.5762 - email:

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