Oil & Gas Leases

The oil and gas industry is a hallmark of Wyoming's energy legacy, a legacy in which state trust lands have been, and continue to be, a cornerstone of development and production opportunity.  Approximately ⅓ of the 3.9 million acres of state trust lands are leased for oil and gas. 

Oil and gas leasing on state trust lands is guided by W.S. 36-6-101 as well as Chapter 18 of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Land Commissioners.  Revenue generated through leasing of oil and gas, and the subsequent  royalties generated by the production of oil and gas, funds the various beneficiaries of the trust.

Oil & Gas Lease Contacts

Richard Shanor - Mineral Leasing Supervisor, Terminations, Bond Releases - 307.777.6635 - email: richard.shanor@wyo.gov

Dianna Wolvin -  Oil and Gas, Bonding, Units, Auction - 307.777.6625 - email: dianna.wolvin@wyo.gov

Cathy Lujan - Suspensions, Extensions, Solid Minerals, Minimum Annual Royalty, Surrender and Relinquishments  - 307.777.8510 - email: cathy.lujan@wyo.gov

Kate Fogg - Lease Assignments, Communitization Agreements, Advance Rentals - 307.777.6547 - email: kate.fogg@wyo.gov

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