Clean Water State Revolving Funds

**NOTICE: The 2021 Intended Use Plans for drinking water and clean water SRF loans are now open and will close on February 15, 2020. Please add or update any future projects for which you may need SRF funding, especially if you will need such funding in FY2021. Click here to view the IUP Form.

Contact Stan Miller (, 307-777-6371) or Bill Tillman (, 307-777-6941) with any project related questions.

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program awards loans for:

    • Sanitary sewer treatment and collection;
    • Storm water control;
    • Landfill water pollution control; and,
    • Other water pollution control projects.

Please visit the Wyoming DEQ website for additional project information, application requirements, and bidding requirements.

To lean more about the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program, click here.

Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loans are authorized under Chapter 11 of the State Loan and Investment Board's Rules and Regulations.

Grants & Loans Contacts

Beth Blackwell - Grants & Loans Manager - 307-777-6373 - email:

Keenan Hendon - Project Engineer - 307.777.6503 - email:

Shawn King - Senior Grants & Loans Analyst, Farm Loans - 307.777.6646 - email:

Val Lewkowski - Senior Community Loan Officer - 307.777.6645 - email:

Rebecca Webb - Community Loan Officer - 307.777.6046 - email:

Sheila Palmer - Grants & Loans Officer - 307.777.7309 - email:

Shauna Perkins - Grants & Loans Reimbursement Specialist - 307.777.7453 - email:

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